Alliance War /11.16 climbing array revenge Dadong 5 fees big array operating transitional unparalleled private sharing

Hello everyone, I am black, 11.16 version has come, this change allows the hell army and the zombie lineup no longer so strong, and today, I will bring you black big 1001 strokes, this is my own in the NA servo The most commonly used climbing lineup from the opening season to the most commonly used climbing lineup 5 fees, I hope you can let everyone learn to climb!

My 1001 strokes

1001 recruits listening is very powerful, but it is just the same stroke (huh, huh)! Because every arrangement, the opponent is uncontrollable, it is difficult to play, you can make your own ideal lineup every time. Based on such variation, we must understand what time point is strong, and then adjust the situation in the right time to make it!

Here are the understanding of the version, it is divided into the previous, medium and later stages:


Everything is difficult, after all, almost all the lineup has no way to get a smooth, so choose the equipment, master the blood volume, and have the opportunity to go to the medium-term success.

Priority Synthesis Equipment


Was injury:> =

Magic injury:>

In addition to the above equipment, I basically don't work, because there is no sufficient benefit in the previous period.

Punish choices

T1: Battlefield Forces + Light Sentry (Euirov, Irui Ya, Shan Na + Arbitrary Battlefield)

T2: Hell Legion, Shengguang Knight, Wu Dou Dawn


The birth of the birth in the previous period is the meaning of God. The medium is stable is strength. As long as your opponent is not too exaggerated (like a few 3 fees 2 2 stars), the basic medium-term blood is not too much.

What should we do in the medium term?

1. Observe other family lineups (intensity & direction)

→ Let's take a look at the development of other homes, have you strike with others? Go to decide your packaging and 7, etc., you need to brush.

2. Judging your lineup strength and subsequent war

→ If you want to distinguish your strength with other people's lineup, you can judge according to the number of stars, then you will see if you have a useful 4 fee card (Yafili, Lucy, etc. Output, or Elvin, Gari Europe, etc. Tank)

2. Judgment 7 is still needed to spend how much money to maintain strength

→ If the lineup is not enough, it is necessary to have 7 or so on to maintain lineup strength. Basic tanks are greater than output, which is why the fire must be combined with fireworks and so on.


In addition to the former mid-range operations, the late settling and lineup choices are also important. I was divided into two orientations: mixed injury array, the core role of the two lineups, and the equipment and the arrangement will be different. Lets come look:


混 阵: Revenge Ranger Dadong


The lineup of Qiyali is a must-have to show strength, so the control of blood and money is very important.

Core role and fitting

Main Output Philips: OR (two choices, Ironlides have a whisper, more bloodthirsty)

Deputy Output Tim Property: + Function

Deputy Output Eneshan: + (three choices)

The rest of the shortage: (Protect Dadong)

Small reminder: If there is a certain first choice, it is to give the Timothy or Enesa, you will see the card, who is more fast.

Array Configuration & Positioning Suggestions

7 and other lineup configuration and position: 4 bleak 2 Ranger 2 secrets

8 and other lineup configuration and arrangement (selection 1): 3 Sentinel 2 revenge 2 god 2 secret 2 recovery 2 hell 2 Ranger

8 and other lineup configuration and arrangement (selection 2): 3 revenge 3 secret 2 god 2 Hell 2 Ranger

common problem

Q1: Which one is selected by the deputy, the equipment is preferred to give Tip or Enemy?

A1: Usually Timothy> Enesale, because there is a very difficult 5 2 stars at 8 and so on, the impact of the Timothy is more stable, and Evone is easy to go in.

Q2: If there is a big east, Ec can, who is the equipment?

A2: If the equipment orientation is biased, it is relatively stable to Philips. If there are two sets of attackers, it will be the first 2-star role in the first 2 stars, which usually is Affili!


法 阵: Legend of the big array


As long as the arrangement is strong, the expensive chess pieces together, use the power of money to explode the opponent, basically able to eat chicken. However, what lineup is used in the first time? Here I will provide the direction of the transition in the most common way of transition.

Core role and fitting

Tim: + remains

默丁 格: or the rest of the formula or function

Small reminder: is the first choice, transition equipment is the most stable.

Array Configuration & Positioning Suggestions

7 and other lineup configuration and arrangement (selection 1): 5 Dragon 3 battlefield 3 sentry

7 and other lineup configuration and arrangement (selection 2): 3 Dragon 4 Zombie 2 Fight 2 Warls

8 and other lineup configuration and arrangement (advantageous selling blood is required to rise 9): 3 Dragon 3 revenge 2 fight 2 hell 2 recovery 2 secrets

8 and other lineup configuration and arrangement (the first 4): 3 revenge 3 secret 2 god 2 hell 2 recovery

9 and other lineup configuration and position (Da Cheng, black big 1001 strokes): 3 revenge 3 secret 2 god 2 Hell 2 recovery 2 Ranger

common problem

Q1: Is it equipped to give the Timothy or give a bubble?

A1: It usually gives the bubble side, after all, Timothy is easy to play. But if it is 2 stars, the equipment is still given him, after all, the high star is boss.

Q2: Why is 9 and so on to pull 2 ​​Ranger?

A2: Because the racefaccetacity speed is faster, then there are many lineups. It is quite afraid that Eshan is only the assassin (big trick), so with it is better to help our boss. .


The above is the black big 1001 stroke unmarried private teaching, this revision 2 Ranger and then buff, equal to 11.16 version of this series of lineups is more powerful.

In addition, SET5 came to 5.5 for half a season, a lot of things were actually small, and there were not many combinations that can play. It will be easier to feel tired for climbing, but I still encourage everyone to play. Chess, the arrangement is still happy, the most important thing!

If there is any problem, please ask questions on my real desk, or you want to see what lineup can tell me, I am a big, I wish you all a climax, we will see it next time.


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